Banana Pi BPI-M2M New Image Release

14th May 2019 0 By Tanna Techbiz LLP

Banana Pi BPI-M2M New Image Release : Ubuntu Server 16.04

1.About this release

  • This release is for banana pi M2 Magic board which is based on R16, and it is based on Ubuntu 16.04 Operation system with kernel 3.4.

2.BPI-M2M Ubuntu Server 16.04 Features Map

3.LCD7 Emmc version image:

  • Notes : Because sd pins and uart0 pins are the same, so we have to use uart2 as debug console before, and I release this image is just in order to release uart2 to use and set uart0 as debug console.image image
  • How to burn image? you just need to use m2m boot from a sd image, then use sd image to install this emmc image on emmc.
  • For Example :
    please prepare this:
    1. install this image (link: on your sd 
    2. then plug this sd card to m2m, power on m2m
    3. mv this image (link : to your u disk.
    4. plug this u disk to your m2m usb interface.
    5. mount this u disk on m2m, then "bpi-copy image 2019-05-08-ubuntu-16.04-server-16.04-" to install image on Emmc
    6. finish