Magic Mirror in Banana Pi M2U/M2Berry

Magic Mirror in Banana Pi M2U/M2Berry

29th June 2019 0 By Tanna Techbiz LLP


  • In today’s society, information is available to us at a glance through our phones, our laptops, our desktops, and more. But an extra level of interaction is required in order to access the information.
  • As technology grows,technology should grow further and further away from the traditional style of interaction with devices.
  • In the past, information was relayed through paper, then through computers, and in today’s day and age, through our phones and multiple other mediums. Technology should become more integrated into our lives.
  • There another advance way to for that all that is Smart Magic Mirror.
  • In the morning, it is imperative to prepare for the day in front of a mirror, which is often a slow process. Additionally, factors such as the current weather conditions can influence how a person prepares for the day.
  • Finding an efficient way to check all the factors that can affect how a person prepares for the day while also not adversely affecting the tasks that are performed in front of a mirror it is so amazing.
  • This all arises the concept of Smart Mirror.

What is the Magic Mirror ?

  • Magic Mirror is the open source modular smart mirror platform.
  • With a growing list of installable modules, the Magic Mirror allows you to convert your hall or bathroom mirror into your personal assistant.
  • Magic Mirror module is specially available for the Single Board Computer like Banana Pi, Raspberry Pi etc.
  • By using this compact board we can make a real time smart mirror for our day to day life.

Component you require

  • BananaPi M2U or BananaPi M2Berry
  • Class 10 micro SD card
  • 5V 2A powerm supply
  • Monitor screen
  • HDMI cable
  • Keyboard, Mouse


  • Open Terminal and Type :
         # sudo raspi-config
  • Choose Localization Option > Change Timezone
        # sudo apt-get update
        # sudo rpi-update
        # reboot

Manual Installation

  • Download and install the latest Node.js version:
       # curl -sL | sudo -E bash - 
       # sudo apt install -y nodejs 
      # cd MagicMirror/   
  • Install and run the app with:
      # npm install && npm start  
  • To quit from MagicMirror screen press
       # Ctrl+Q
  • And to start again on your screen OPEN TERMINAL and TYPE
      # cd ~/MagicMirror && DISPLAY=:0 npm start 

Modify the MagicMirror

  • Type this commands on terminal
      # cd ~/MagicMirror
      # nano config/config.js
  • After executing above command, config.js will open
  • Now you can edit/modify according your need.

Note :

  • Here we shared the basic demo of the smart mirror concept.
  • If you wish to make this all stuffs in to real smart mirror than here we suggest tips to you.
  • First of all, take glass sheet size of your monitor size.
  • Then here you need to make coating on that glass sheet, in simple word you need to make that glass sheet one way transparent.
  • After doing this just you need to decrease the brightness of your monitor and you need to attach that glass sheet on your monitor.
  • It will become smart mirror for you.

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